Official synopsis of SotA comic
Meet our protagonist Zane, an average guy; a part-timer, a blogger and a dreamer with special and rather abstract ideas. After being set up to meet the mysterious 'L', his feelings guide him to follow her into an unknown world, one would only meet in fantasy books. The more he finds out, the more the plot, larger than he himself thickens around him. He finds himself alone among the otherworldly beings. Where will he put his trust and will he be able to keep his sanity? What fate awaits him on his unexpected and bizarre journey?
The making of SotA comic
Sins of the Apocalypse comic started as a loosely written story text in the summer of 2014. The first comic page release occurred in the early 2015, it was drawn with only traditional techniques, mostly coloured pencil. Unpolished as it might’ve looked, I thought it had some charm to it. As months went by and comic pages began gathering up, I’ve reached a point where I longed for a more viewer friendly look. During that time, what used to be only SotA comic, has unexpectedly evolved into something much larger, paving the way for things yet to come. In the spring of 2016, I’ve reached a point where I wished to make the comic art transition from traditional to digital. With the major change in art style, I believed time to change the webpage was also in order. As a human being, I’ve had my share of problems before I got to where things are now. Ranging from the usual lack of time, as I believe is a problem for most of us, even now, to longer term absence and other more insidious digital related issues. Having overcome those obstacles, I’m rather proud to present to you, my precious readers a slightly overhauled web comic Sins of the Apocalypse. Most recent page also got the honour of being the first page in the new art style, a style which will be gradually applied to the older pages as they’re remade. The webpage itself is now more focused on the actual SotA comic and as I’ve mentioned the previous growth of yet unpublished content, it is my plan to expand it greatly in months to come.
The author
My name is Tomaž (Thomas) Jeraj. I was born in the year of 1988 and I’m Slovenian. Since I was little, I liked going on adventures with my pencil, scribbling all over my school notebooks. Back then I mostly drew realistic animals of our beloved Earth. Later on, I got fascinated with mythology, especially with its creatures, and so, after a short drawing break in my middle school, I’ve replaced every day’s creatures of the Earth with imaginary beings of different origins. Then came another short drawing break and I discovered that my imagination is not limited to drawing only. I had a short phase, where I wrote down my thoughts and ideas and even wrote some poetry, rather than draw, but only for a short time. In faculty, I moved back to the world of visual imagination and have since then been drawing and creating till this day. I’ve reengaged myself in writing and have combined it with drawing, which has resulted in my comic Sins of the Apocalypse. Since the very beginning of the SotA comic project, I’ve upgraded my artistic knowledge and skill, as well as realized where I want to go with what’s become a much larger scale project of not only the comic, but the entire SotA world.
Special thanks...
… to the ones close to me, who support me in one way or another (you know who you are). Thanks to my close friends for their valuable input and ongoing support with everything SotA related, Primož and Robi. Last, but not least, I thank you, the reader for your continuing support and interest. Very special thanks go to all those who support me via Patreon, PayPal and by other means.